We can tell you about the difference you'll see and feel, or we can simply show you. Nothing says progress like a good before and after shot, and our clients have them. Come train with us and see the difference for yourself. 

Ji Hwang

I first started training with Taylor 2 months before my wedding. I was freaking out because there was no other option, but to lose the weight because I couldn't fit into my wedding dress. 

Taylor whipped me into shape in no time and everyone was so shocked at not only how fast I lost the weight, but how toned I was! I've trained other trainers in the past, but never got the results I wanted until I found him.  He's very knowledgeable about everything that has to do with fitness, weight loss, weight training, nutrition, and etc.  It definitely wasn't easy by any means, but by following his guidelines, I felt like I finally "got it."  He's really good at critiquing your form if it's not right, holding you accountable, and listening to your needs while helping you achieve your fitness goals.  


"Taylor changed my life! Hiring Butchered Bodies for their personal training and diet plan has been the best choice I’ve made in over 10 years. The changes in my body composition have been miraculous!! "

- Ron Hill | Dallas, Texas


"Taylor will help you realize your potential. I liked his personality right away and knew that he would be a down to earth person and fun to train with.  He has been that - even on the days when I'm struggling I'm happy to be there, and Taylor is positive and encouraging.  He doesn't take it easy on you, but makes you feel like you can do more than you think you can, and he's right."

- Laura B. | Dallas, TX


Chrissy Martinez

I started training with Taylor over two years ago. I came to him wanting to get stronger and lose weight.  Im only 5ft and wanted to be leaned and toned. I was 35 pounds overweight. 

Since I have been training with Taylor, I consistently stay at a healthy weight and in shape. He gives you  diet plans to follow and always mixes workouts so they are never boring but challenging. I recommend Taylor to anyone who wants awesome results but is willing to do some work in the gym!


"I've worked out with trainers for 10 years. Great trainers. Trainers who have motivated me, gotten me in shape, been fun to workout with - but Taylor takes it to the next level. He knows my personality, how i differ from other clients and caters to my personal goals. I attribute much of not only my success, but my happiness to this man."

- Beth Robertson | Dallas, TX


Benson Peters

I've been training with Taylor for the past couple of years and I can tell you that it has been worth it! He's very determined to push you to your limits but also support you to achieve the goals that you want to attain in the gym.

Always positive and never gets frustrated, but you can tell he cares for your own personal health. Sometimes you can tell he wants the results more than you because he is always forward thinking. Went from 220 lbs to 174 lbs and we are continuing  to make progress. Will recommend  to anybody to give him a shot!